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Transport Minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen will cycle on the Birkebeiner ride on Saturday. The iron buoy with four North Sea operators under the belt has been looking for more than a year for the 84 kilometers from Rena to Lillehammer.

With participation in both the Nordsjørittet, Styrkeprøven and Birkebeinerrittet, he has made the bike tour and he can with 21 other own honors after the finish

"I am the minister of cycling, both because cycling is part of the transport plan and because I love cycling, I actually had to cycle Birken last year, but then there was an election campaign", said Ketil Solvik-Olsen, who is looking forward to have fun for the weekend.

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Ketil commuter - Private.jpg 2017: Birkebeinerrittet with a big jubilee event
Kondis samleside for Birkebeinerrittet
Lorvik_Hovdenak_maal.jpg "src =" "/><em>Ingrid Lorvik (left) and Hildegunn Gjertrud Hovdenak died last year last, and both came on the podium. (Photo: Finn Olsen)</em></p>
<p><strong>Ride of the year:</strong></p>
<p>UltraBirken bike August 25<br />
The UltraBirken was organized for the 6th time this year. This is a ride for the toughest mountain bikers. Start at Pellestova to go to the mountains and finish at Håkons Hall in Lillehammer. The course is approx. 112 km and the race circuit was announced on Monday, August 20. The number of participants is limited to 500.</p>
<p><strong>HalfBirken bicycle August 25th</strong></p>
<p>The HalfBirken bike is organized for the 4th time. Løypa is located 41 km from Pellestova in Øyer and aims at Håkons Hall in Lillehammer. HalvBirken bike is suitable for those who want to experience the Birkebeiner atmosphere and who may think that the Birkebeiner ride at 86 km is too long or too demanding.</p>
<p><strong>BarneBirken bicycle 24 and 25 August</strong></p>
<p>BarneBirken bike will be arranged on Rena Friday 24 August and on Lillehammer Sunday 26 August. At Rena start and finish at the beginning of the Birkebeiner ride. At Lillehammer the beginning and end is in Håkons Hall. Anyone who is 0-11 years old can participate and it is an entry to the beginning. There are activities for the children in the starting and target area.</p>
<p><strong>UngdomsBirken 26 August</strong></p>
<p>YouthBirken Bike is for everyone aged between 12 and 16 and will be organized for the 12th time this year. Start and finish are at Håkons Hall, Lillehammer. The length of the course for the 12-14 year classes is 7.5 km. The length of the course for the 15-16 year class is 9.5 km.</p>
<p>See also the facts about the Birkebeinite 2018 below the picture.</p>
<p><img loading=
From the rides of last year. (Photo: Birken / Geir Olsen)


  • The trail is 86 km long – runs from Rena in Østerdalen and over the mountain to Lillehammer in Gudbrandsdalen
  • Anyone who is 17 years old 31.12.18 can participate.
  • All participants must carry a bag of at least 3.5 kg. The 3,5 kilo bag, which all Birkebeiners have to carry, symbolizes King Haakon Haakonsønn.
  • The idea of ​​Birkebeinerrennet is derived from the historic Birkebeinerferden from the 13th century
  • Birkebeinerrittet is part of the Trippelen – Birkebeinerrennet, Birkebeinerløpet and Birkebeinerrittet
  • Birken is an ideal organization where the profits in their entirety go back to the sports in the region.
  • The events are largely carried out through volunteer work and dedication.
  • Every year 4500 volunteers work for their sports team, music village and the like. in addition to 40 central volunteers and the administration of Birken.
  • Birken's vision is: challenges and experiences for everyone. In total, Birken has 20 events throughout the year – distances for everyone.
  • In 2018 we expect a total of 35,000 Birkebeiners – about 10,000 for Birkebeinerrittene
  • An average doctor visits 2-3 days per week and has moderate equipment
  • 27 different countries are represented – Sweden is the largest nation
  • Eldstemann is this year the rider Steinar Bersvendsen from Kongsberg, 83 years old. Older woman is Liv Astri Løken, 76 years old from Raufoss.
  • 42 pieces have completed the Birkebeinerrit ALL times and this year for the 26th time

What is going on

TV2 produces the submission of the magazine at the Birkebeinerrittet
Speed, excitement and popular party are on the program when TV2 produces the Birkebeinerrittet for the first time.

Cyclocross in Birken

For the first time, Birken sets up his own cyclocross class (bikini line) in Birkebeinerrittet. Everyone starts in swimming pool 14 with start time at 09.10 am. You do not compete for the brand or the best time, but it is a prize for the 3 best in the men and women class

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