The dramatic minutes of the government quarter were re-created into "22. July" film-based animation

Surrounded by dust, smoke remains and build a broken car. There are statistics and actors available to reconstruct what happened on the government in July on July July.

"Our focus is on those who happen to be around after the explosion, there are demanding scenes, also because we know that these are situations that have affected many," said program editor Ivar Köhn in a press release that was published prior to the weekend sent.

NRK wanted to inform in advance because the effects used can be dramatic and frightening.

"At the same time, we are fully aware that the project can generate feelings, regardless of whether you have been informed in advance," Køhn said.

The scenes that are recorded are part of the drama series "22. July," which will deal with "how society, the system, the values ​​and the ideology arise when something as terrible as the terrorist acts, July 22 a nation affects. "

The series is one of the many film and television projects dealing with the terrorist attack of 2011. Erik Poppe made the film "Utøya July 22" in advance and during the film festival in Venice in September the premiere of the Netflix film "July 22" "The film is based on the book" One of us "by Åsne Seierstad.

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