The gang member was looking for shooting between cars – accused of murder

A 28-year-old must have shot a car in motion against another car on Østre Aker Road in Oslo. The police think he intends to kill.

The police say that the sailor, Jaspinder Singh (28), fired the shot and accused him of murder. He is well known to the police from previous relationships and has been convicted four times before, including violence and drug-related disorders.

– We defined him as a member of a criminal network, Young Guns. I do not want to go into his drawer, but can confirm that we know him well from the past. Young Guns is a fairly well-known criminal network ", says Anne Alræk Solem, department head of Serious Violence in the Oslo police district of NTB.

The shooting period took place on the East Aker road in Haugenstua north of Oslo, around 21.15 Sunday 19 August, when two BMW cars ran parallel to each other on the two-way road. In one car Singh was with one or more other people and fired against the other BMW according to the police.

Immediately after the shooting period, the car that was shot was arrested by the police, probably because it worked very quickly.

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More involved

"There were several people in the car who told me about the shooting, that's how we got the knowledge about the incident and we've been investigating the issue since then, we mean Singh famous people who've been injured, and therefore believe that this is a focused action and was not aimed at random people, "said Solem.

She explains "the total investigation" – seizure, technical investigation and testimony – as the basis for the sentence for murder.

The car that was shot is a blue BMW 1-series. The car from which he was shot must be a dark BMW X5. There were more people in each of the cars, but Solem did not want to know how much. Neither does she want details about the people or if the police think it is one or more of them, which was the purpose of the shot.

Nobody was injured.

Singh is also sought internationally, but the police believe he lives in the Eastlands area. Solem asks people to report immediately if they have seen or know where they are staying.

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Dominated several times

In addition to a sentence for violence and drug possession, Singh was previously convicted for less serious circumstances, including driving without a license and driving in a harmful state. He is also acquitted of a serious case of violence against another person.

Solem emphasizes that the police do not place the shooting on the Østre Aker road in connection with Singh's connection with Young Guns, and the researchers have found no evidence that the shooting was part of a settlement between two criminal networks.

"We also have no reason to place the shoot this year in the context of earlier shooting periods, where criminal networks have been involved," she says. They are targeting a number of shooting incidents in the Oslo area that apparently relate to the power struggle between criminal gangs.

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