The garden wants independent assessment: – – Of course, the review by Raymond Johansen can not be trusted

"If there had been a warning against a government council, no one had agreed that the prime minister should investigate the case himself," said Carl I. Hagen (Frp) against Dagbladet.

He thinks that is the same for the Oslo City Council, Inga Marte Thorkildsen, and requires an independent assessment of the warnings against her.

"I will discuss the matter at the next meeting of the municipal council next Wednesday, and I will ask the municipal audit to carry out an independent management audit by Inga Marte Thorkildsen and Astrid Søgnen, based on the warnings that have come against Thorkildsen, so that the city council gets an independent assessment from someone we can trust, says Hagen to Dagbladet tonight.

In two anonymous reports, school board Inga Marte Thorkildsen is blamed for bullying and intimidation, and more rules and violations.

Earlier today the news came that Raymond Johansen would judge his own city council. It is not enough, according to Hagen.

– Do not trust

"Of course we can not rely on the review that Raymond Johansen will do with the internal audit, which falls under the departments of the agency," says Hagen, who compares with national policy.

"It is quite clear that if there had been a warning against a government council, nobody would accept that the prime minister would conduct the investigations himself." No prime minister had been so unclear, then the chairman of the control and constitutional committee was Dag Terje Andersen. eroded and demanded an independent investigation, said Hagen.

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However, Carl I. Hagen has no problem with the city council leader to assess his agency.

– It is completely eaten. He must investigate whether he can trust Inga Marte Thorkildsen. I have no complaints about that. But he forgets that there is also a very different body that must be trusted in a city council and it is city council, says Hagen.

"Thorkildsen may be right

Thorkildsen did not want to comment on the messages, but admits that they have asked a principal in an SMS message to send an e-mail to SV so that they do not have to be recorded.

She also said that there has been a problem with the cooperation with the education office and that she has missed a willingness to cooperate.

The garden says that he has no opinion about the debt of the SV city council.

"It may be that Inga Marte Thorkildsen was right and that it is the education administration that coordinates the political decisions, which I do not mind, the point is that we have to have an independent investigation to get it all out, says Hagen, who said that he himself "honored an independent assessment" when he was the Thorkildsen advisor.

"If she is acquitted by Raymond Johansen's review, there are a lot that will draw the conclusion," said Hagen.

– New situation

– Raymond Johansen said today that the city council has to deal with whether they trust him and that they are free to promote distrust if they do not have it?

& # 39; Then he seems stupid, and he is not. & # 39; What he is trying to do is to prevent an independent investigation.

– What do you think of this situation? It is not often that the government body gives a warning against a political leader in this way?

"It's an exciting situation, it's brand new, and I emphasize that it's good that the government has refused to follow its behavior, so it's got to be investigated." The whole political system is based on the fact that the public service at all times loyal to the political leadership This is a unique situation It was surprised that officials may have been a little willing, but never in this way, so this case is a kind of precedent, "Hagen told Dagbladet.

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