The man died after falling 100 meters from Trollveggen

A 60-year-old man from Nordmøre lost his life after falling at 100 meters from Bruraskaret in Trollveggen in Møre og Romsdal on Friday afternoon.

The police reported the accident on the 16th Friday.

An air ambulance came to the place and localized the man, but he did not take it out. That is why a rescue helicopter was called and arrived at 5 pm. The man was praised about an hour later according to the demands of time.

At 9.47 pm the police confirmed on Twitter that the man died.

According to Aftenposten, the 60-year-old has fallen from Bruraskaret, on the back of Trollveggen, and not along the wall itself. VG writes that the man was part of a tour when the accident occurred, and it was the turn that the accident reported to the police.

Earlier this week, a woman fell in the same area and sustained serious injuries.

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