The man died in a traffic accident in Lindås

The police confirm that a man died after a frontal collision between a passenger car and a truck in Lindås.

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All emergency services broke out when the message came about a collision on provincial road 57 at Herland in Lindås at 09.30 am on Wednesday morning.

There was a passenger car and a truck that collided at the front and the passenger car was out of the way after the accident.

A person in the car was stuck and crews from the fire brigade immediately started to get rid of them.

Director died

Operations Manager Terje Magnussen at the West Police District confirms that there was one person in every car.

"It is the car driver in the car who died," says Magnussen.

The man who died comes from Nordhordland.

Shortly after the accident the police and the fire brigade declared that it was a serious accident.

"The driver of the truck must be physically undamaged," said Jan Ove Haga, commanding commander in the 110-center after the accident.

The driver was nevertheless taken to the asylum in Nordhordland for control.

Death accident in the same area in July: Heavy busy road

The road between Herland and Åse on provincial road 57 was closed after the accident and was opened for traffic for the first time on Wednesday afternoon at 3.30 pm.


"Criminal police at the police and the accident group at the Norwegian Public Road Administration will carry out their investigations on the spot," said Erstad policeman on Wednesday.

Lensmann Kjell Idar Vangberg in Nordhordland told Wednesday afternoon that the police had completed their investigation at the site of the accident.

"We have done a number of investigations, but have no reactions yet, there is a truck with wood on the truck and the trailer and a car colliding, said the sheriff.

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