The man had to be saved by the sea, declared dead by UNN

On Friday morning Emergency data went to Kviby outside Alta, after a message that someone had fallen into the sea. This was evident from a twitter message sent by Finnmark police district around half a Friday morning.

– All capacity, all emergency services, have moved to the site, Operations Manager have announced to Altaposten at 12.30, before they have to proceed.

In the Central Rescue Centers in Northern Norway (HRS), deputy leader Ørjan Delbekk said they were notified at 12.18 hours and that both the Sea King and the lifeboat had been mobilized.

– Note that a boat circled in the area was observed. The boat has been checked out and it is empty. There is a danger that he or she has fallen on board, Delbekk told Altaposten at 1.15 pm.

Private participated in the search

HRS enlightened on twitter that a man was wanted.

The lifeboats RS Gjert Wilhelmsen and RS Vekteren were located in the area between Årøya and Kviby, looking for missing people. A MOB boat has also been installed.

"Private boats also participate in the search," says Operations Manager Gunnar Øvergaard at Finnmark Police District at Altaposten a little before 1.30 pm Friday.

According to him, he has taken a pleasure boat.

"We are now fully looking in the area of ​​Årøya-Kviby-Leirbotn", said Øvergaard.

Person found in the sea

In 13.35 HRS confirms to Altaposten that in the 1320s a person was found in the Sea of ​​Sea King.

There is currently a heart and lung administration, Altaposten is lit.

The main rescue center then contacted Altaposten without details about the age of the person.

(The case continues under the photo)

GREAT NOTE: A person was taken to Kviby after he fell overboard Friday morning. Both lifeboats, Sea King, a MOB boat and private looking for the person. Photo: Tipser

14.10, Operations Manager Øgard reports that the rescue operation itself is considered complete.

– The status of the person is unknown, I simply have no information here. However, he is taken by helicopter to the Northern Norway University Hospital (UNN) in Tromsø.

Where was he found?

"I have no exact position, he was picked up from the sea by the crew of a Sea King helicopter.

– What is going on?

"There is some after-work, among other things we will try to find the cause of the incident, we have already worked on this, and we get more information about the person who is found in the water," he says.

On Twitter HRS writes that they end the rescue operation thanks to the people involved for a good effort.

"There are many good people who do a good job if this happens, and they will have all the credit for the work they do," says Iversen.

Declared death

At HRS, rescue leader Frode Iversen was able to update the status at 3 pm that he is alive and flown to Tromsø.

At that time he could say nothing more than to keep UNN to stay alive. But when the man arrived at UNN with the Sea King helicopter 1505, he was declared dead.

It confirms the communication advisor in the hospital, Per-Christian Johansen.

Altaposten is informed that the police are busy warning their relatives.

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