The municipality of Bergen takes over the operation of the crisis center

The city council has decided.

Today's agreement on the operation of the crisis center in Bergen and the 22 other Hordaland municipalities was signed in 2010, following a tendering procedure. The process was reserved for non-profit organizations and ended with the long-standing directors of the center that received the contract.

Last year the center received almost NOK 15 million in municipal compensation for the execution of the service.

Will not offer an emergency center


As BT has written, the center has been characterized by internal conflicts since the early 1980s. There have been various alarms and circumstances that led to a refs from the Labor Inspectorate – which pointed out violations of various provisions in a monitoring report.

In the spring there were at least five concerns about the operation, both for the governor of the province, the labor inspectorate and the municipality of Bergen.

The municipality recently considered reorganizing the entire crisis center in such a way that the municipality can have a majority of the organization and thus gain more control over the operation of the service. Now they have changed their mind and decided to communicate the whole operation.

"There have long been conflicts and criticisms regarding the working environment in the center and we do not think that a cooperation agreement is a viable road anymore," says Rebekka Ljosland (KrF), a press release.

Lives about life and death

Unlike BT, Ljosland says that the city council has now taken a new round to assess the future of the crisis center.

"The sum of things and supervision has meant that the city government now wants a big change.In this service there can be life and death for women and men in very vulnerable situations.Then both the people in Bergen and the 22 local authorities can trust that the crisis center will be managed in a safe and proper way.

The conclusion of the city council is that the best way to exploit the service is to place it under the municipality.

– The church will know

In the press release, Ljosland emphasizes that the services of the crisis center will not continue to exist and that the municipality will pay extra attention to the supply during the transition phase.

"It is important that those in need of the crisis center are confident that they can and should visit the center," writes the care office.

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