The municipality of Bergen takes over the operation of the crisis center

The city council has decided.

Today's agreement on the operation of the crisis center in Bergen and the 22 other Hordaland municipalities was concluded in 2010 following a tendering procedure. This process was reserved for non-profit organizations.

Last year the center received almost NOK 15 million in municipal compensation for the execution of the service.

Will not offer an emergency center


At the same time, the service was characterized by internal conflicts and circumstances that led to a refs from the Labor Inspectorate – which in a review report referred to violations of various provisions.

In the spring there were at least five bulletins with operations, both to the provincial governor, the labor inspectorate and the municipality of Bergen.

Two weeks ago BT wrote about the 40-year history of the center, which was characterized by crises.

"There have been conflicts and critical conditions for the working environment in the center for a long time and we do not think a cooperation agreement is a viable way," says Rebekka Ljosland, health agency in a press release.

– The church will know

Ljosland emphasizes in the press release that there will be no stay in the services offered by the crisis center and that the municipality will pay extra attention to the offer during the transition phase.

"It is important that those in need of the crisis center are confident that they can and should visit the center," writes Ljosland.

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