The name is released on hikers who died in Balestrand

It was Svein-Kåre Aannevik (44) from Kalvåg in Bremanger, which was found on the mountain side in Balestrand on Monday.

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He leaves behind a woman and a minor child.

Svein-Kåre Aannevik worked as chief engineer on board the Fjord1 ferry MF "Lærdal", which runs between Dragsvik, Hella and Vangsnes in Sogn.

Reported missed

It was his colleagues who reported him as missing when he was not working on Monday morning.

"The police center received a phone call before 9 am and we immediately went looking," said Kristoffer Jorddal Lønning, police officer at Høyanger and Balestrand Länsmannskontor.

An hour later, on Monday morning at 10 am, the police found the car at Aannevik. It parked in the parking lot of Ese in Balestrand.

This is the starting point for the trip to the Vindspec mountain.

– Svein-Kåre Aannevik walked around 15 Sunday afternoon and went to Vindreken. It is a popular and well-known tourist mountain, "says police officer Lønning.

Exploration Campaign

Together with a colleague from the lantern office, he went up the mountain on Monday to look for the 44-year-old man.

In addition to the police, crew members of the Red Cross, Norwegian rescue dogs and a rescue helicopter from Florø were also involved in the reconnaissance action.

It was the crew on board the rescue helicopter who discovered the dead man in a steep mountainside above Balestrand at 14h45 on Monday afternoon.

Mountaineers from an alpine rescue group from Luster and Hafslo were taken from the helicopter to the site, which the police described as highly impassable.

Nobody testifies

"It is close to believing that he died as a result of a crash, but there was no witness to the accident, he walked alone, says Lønning, confirming that the dead will be reproduced.

His relatives have been informed and have given permission to the police to make his name known.

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