The Norwegian public health authority responds to underreporting hospital mortality

A study has recently shown that 42 out of 1000 deaths in Trondheim Hospital could probably have been prevented. In situations where hospitals believe that things could have been done in another way and if the outcome has become serious, the incidents must be reported to the Norwegian Health Council. However, only 3 out of 42 deaths that could probably have been avoided were reported, reports Nursing.

It is unexpectedly low, says senior advisor Bjørn Øglænd in the Norwegian health surveillance agency in Adresseavisen.

The findings also concern department director Brynhild Braut in the Norwegian Board of Health, which ensures that hospitals have praise for completing the survey and publishing the results.

"There is no reason to believe that the situation is different in the St. Olavs Hospital than in other hospitals, and there is underreporting in all hospitals, says Braut.

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