The older woman died after driving in the center

The accident happened just before two o'clock.

"It is in Grønnegata that the person is hit", says operations manager Rune Nilsen in the Tromsø police.

The person has now been confirmed dead.

The accident happened near the Aagaard building at the intersection of the Fredrik Langes gate / Grønnegata.

"There is an older woman who has been hit by the truck, and she was stuck under the car," says leader Daniel Kvalsund to iTromsø's reporter.

Crimean technicians have arrived at the site of the accident to do research. Photo: Ronald Johansen

iTromsø & # 39; s reporter reports that Grønnegata is blocked in both directions by the crossing, and that the gate from Fredrik Langes to the Red Bank is also closed.

"The fire brigade blocked the area around the accident and they covered the truck and the dead," he said.

Detainee Daniel Kvalsund explains that there were more witnesses who saw the accident.

"The witnesses and driver of the truck drove to the emergency department of UNN where a trauma team is located," he said.

It will be carried out by witnesses, but also by the driver, he continues.

A person is confirmed dead after a ride in Green Street. The person was stuck under a truck. Photo: Ronald Johansen

– Crimean cops have also arrived, says the reporter from iTromsø.

The cause of the accident is not yet known. Crimean technicians are on site to investigate the location of the accident.

"We are trying to clarify the cause of the accident on the spot, but for the moment we do not have any further information", said the chief officer of the police.

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