The police are expelled after announcing canoeing


The emergency data are alerted after a message has been sent that a canoe is about 600 meters from the country in Buvika. The incident must have happened outside Brekka.

A boat that arrived is approx. At 19.20 they took people who were aboard the boat in the canoe. ST & # 39; s photographer reports that everyone has a life jacket and also says that the canoe is rolled about. 300 meters – not 600 meters – from the land.

An ambulance helicopter now flows over the place. Apparently four people had to stay in the canoe, which is upside down just before 7:30 PM.

Ambulances and police are on the spot, but now drive in the direction of Børsa, where the canoes are landed.

In a follow-up message on Twitter, the police report that three people have been taken from the sea. They are controlled by healthcare professionals.

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