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– The state has let me down. I feel that there have been few resources and little expertise when I asked for help, says Nina Iversen.

She is one of those who appeared after the attacks of Tysfjord became known. In Tysfjord in Nordland there are 151 criminal cases pertaining to sexual assault. 106 of the cases have been canceled due to parental leave.

"This has been a heartbeat for me for years, it was hard not to feel heard, and many other women feel the same," says Iversen.

A report from 2015 shows that 49 percent of women with a Sami background were victims of violence, compared to 35 percent of ethnic Northmen.

– More resources are needed to reverse it. The more years it goes without the help, the worse it will be, says Nilsen.

Kari Henriksen

"We have a situation where Sami women and children do not get the same follow-up as other women in Norway, it's serious, says Kari Henriksen (Ap).

Photo: Svein Sundsdal / NRK

Expect concrete measures

According to some, it should be a requirement that the government puts more money into next year's budget, which will be presented on 8 October.

"We need an action plan to prevent violence and sexual abuse against Sami women and children, which is a serious social problem," said parliamentary commissioner Kari Henriksen (AP).

It expects concrete measures to be developed in collaboration with rapporteurs in the Sami municipalities and the Sámi parliament.

"In this way we can prevent, protect, detect and punish violence and abuse in the Sami areas.

Face image of Aili Keskitalo from the side

"Norway was also told by international teams that we need to address this issue," says Aili Keskitalo.

Photo: Carl-Gøran Larsson / NRK

Is of the opinion that the government should do more

"This is something we have been asking for many years," says Aili Keskitalo, president of the association.

She believes that the government has not done enough after the victims of the Tysfjord got up and told their stories. She also points out that a report from 2018 shows that Norway needs to be sharpened.

"I hope the government is ready to seize the problem and allocate money to an action plan," said Keskitalo.

The Co-Chair is certain that an action plan will contribute to strengthening the skills of police, health personnel and reception centers to ensure those who have been victims of violence and abuse.

State Secretary for Justice and Necessities, Knut Morten Johansen (FrP).

Knut Morten Johansen (Frp) says that the work to prevent violence in close relationships is an important area for the government.

Photo: Ministry of Justice

Do everything they can

It is the Ministry of Justice and Emergency Services, which is responsible for working against violence in close relationships. State Secretary of the Ministry, Knut Morten Johansen (Frp), said that the government is looking very seriously at the problem and wants to do the right thing for the victims.

– This is a topic that we are still discussing and receiving input. We have taken several steps to find out how big the scale is and what we can do, he says.

Johansen says that in 2018 they have granted NOK 1.1 million for the prevention of violence and abuse in Sami communities, but that it has not yet completed an action plan.

"I can not say whether more money will be awarded in the state budget in 2019, but they all need to know that this is something in the future, they just have to give it some time.

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