The trumpet tour in Trondheim is examined with full weight

The man accused of deliberate murder of two Afghans on 17 and 19 in Trondheim on Monday evening will, if possible, be detained.

The police also declare that the sentence is provisional. The research remains full. Among other things, witnesses are questioned and the police provide electronic and physical traces. The police will provide information about the preliminary autopsy report as soon as it is available. The autopsies take place on Tuesday.

The suspected perpetrator was shot in the bones of the police before the arrest at the train station in the city. He is admitted to the St. Olavs hospital. His condition is still serious, but stable. The same applies to a fourth young man who was injured during the violent event in the Prince Street apartment in the center of Trondheim.

Attorney Tore Angen has been appointed as a defender for the victim. Angen tells NTB that he has not yet spoken to the customer and does not think that it will happen Tuesday. He will be present when the police clear it up. On Tuesday afternoon he was on his way to the police station to get documents in the case.

The two who died after being subjected to serious violence on Monday evening in Trondheim were both Afghans. It was also the culprit.

The two are the 19-year-old Nasratullah Hashimi and the 17-year-old Reza Alizada.

Crisis crisis

The municipality of Trondheim was in a crisis meeting Tuesday morning after the murders. The police also met to get a better overview of the case. Policeman John Ola The violence in the police district of Trøndelag tells NTB that they have now identified the four and that they will probably provide information about them on Tuesday.

He also says that the police constantly assess the amount of information they can handle without damaging the investigation. If the case did not change significantly, no press conference on the double-sided press conference was planned on Tuesday.

background: A teenager shot into the leg of the police after double murder in Trondheim

asylum seekers

Unit manager Annika Bjørnstrøm in the child and family service in the municipality of Trondheim tells VG that all four came to Norway as underage, single asylum seekers. City councilor for growth and education, Camilla Trud Nereid, says it is too early to say anything about the motive behind violence.

"We know that one of the wounded had contact with one of his successors in the congregation just 30 minutes before it happened, and then everything was fine, he was in good mood, in a good mood, and did not say he was in any way wise threatened, frightened or scared, "said Nereid.

One of the four people involved came to Norway a month ago. The rest have lived elsewhere in the country before they came to Trondheim.

relatives Center

The municipality has set up a mob center and a theft telephone and has contacted the approximately 200 unaccompanied minor asylum seekers in the city. They also contacted the schools where they were students.

The mining will be held on the grounds of the municipality. Households and others responsible for youth have also received help from psychologists.

– Now we stack our support device in place. Professionals come home to those who are directly affected and closest to the young people involved to support this situation, "says the municipal director.

Two of the municipal officials were at the residence of some of the people involved just before the event. Nereid does not want to say who of those who visited.

– These are young people who have escaped from war and conflict. They have close relatives who are killed, secretly living or at secret addresses. It will be time consuming to find family members, "says Nereid.

See images from the police press conference Monday evening:

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