The winner became furious after the bridge on the Trondheim marathon had disappeared. Now he feels sorry for the organizer

On Saturday morning, the Trondheim marathon went off the bench. Along the way several participants had to stop because the swing bridge over the canal, at Skansen, suddenly opened for a boat to cross.

For example, about 20 frustrated runners were waiting for the bridge to close before they could continue the strength test.

Sebastian Conrad Håkansson from Drammen won the race and took the lead early, but says he was annoyed when the bridge was suddenly blocked.

"Occasionally I was very hot and I picked up an official, I want to regret it," he says the next day.

Should not really participate

The rider tells us that the race on Saturday was a good time before he went to another marathon, a bit further south of the country.

"It was a nice race, I did not really planned to attend this year's marathon, but I still reported the day before, trying to have it checked and this was a nice test for the Oslo marathon in two weeks. .

– Can understand that it is bitter

Håkansson was not looking for new recordings this time, so he did not have a three-and-a-half draw in the three and a half minutes that he and a rival in the tide were thrown to the bridge.

Nonetheless, he feels to those who have been allowed to do it, but who was snowed by the organizer for his own records.

"I think this is bitter for those who can put down a new personal record if it was not for the bridge incident, and there are probably a few, but I've heard about it and it was terribly sad," he says.

He also uses the opportunity to call on disappointed participants.

– People spend a lot of time on this. It is important to let the bitterness lie and make him mentally, he says.

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Not the first time

The organizers behind the Trondheim Marathon were disturbed by the discomfort when Addressavisen spoke to them on Saturday.

"I do not know what to say, we had contact with the port of Trondheim beforehand to make sure something was not going to happen, so it's going to happen, there must have been a clear communication error, said project manager. Morten Rasch Eliassen.

This is not the first time that the Trondheim marathon has problems. In 2016 it became a scandal when it was discovered that the marathon riots were too short, which led to strong criticism.

Then the reorganization was the cause of the loss because of the serious work.

Despite the practical challenges on the way, the winner praises the organizer the next day.

"It was a fun event, a popular party, says Håkansson.

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