This breed isolates the village. This can be until Thursday

A stone race led to the closure of the provincial road 337 to Veitastrond in the municipality of Luster in Sogn og Fjordane.

The road is closed in Soget after the big stone race Monday morning, which has come as a result of the huge rainfall in the area, writes Sogn Avis.

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The road is the only link to the village Veitastrond. One of those who is now isolated as a result of the robbery is Oddbjørn Molland. He has himself taken a ride on the provincial road and immediately traveled to the scene after receiving a message Monday morning.

FLOOD: Skjåk in Gudbrandsdalen is one of the densely populated areas of the flood. The high water level has caused an extremely clean work in his home. Reporter: Audun Garden Scale. Video: Andreas Lekang. Cross-section: Ørjan Ryland / Dagbladet
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This breed isolates the village. This can be until Thursday

According to him there are large stone blocks, as large as three meters long and two meters wide, which have a break.

"It was a pretty fiery rock race and it is at least 60 meters wide, he says.

"Now we are isolated, but fortunately a boat passes the incident scene that allows commuters and the like to get in and out," he says.

Possibly closed until Thursday

No one was wounded by the race, but the milk car that was on Veitastrond is on the wrong side of the robbery and does not come out, NRK writes. There is now a boat between Veitastrand and Hafslo.

flood: The flood was clear in the valley of Gudbrandsdalen. Video: Andreas Lekang / Dagbladet
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The municipality of Luster announces on its websites that they expect the road to open on Thursday.

"Today we will have to flush the race area by helicopter, after which we will know more about the scope, maybe climbing climbers to break down rock mass manually," says Svens Egil Finden, Sogn og Fjordane, director of the Swedish traffic administration , Sogn Avis.

He believes that a day or more is needed to help the road.

"There have been quite heavy rain showers and a mild wind that led to snow melt, which is why the rivers have become so big," says Oddbjørn Molland in Veitastrond.

He is happy that nobody was injured in the race.

"But it is certainly not the last time it rages on that road," he says.

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