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These are the most important news from night to Wednesday 22 August.

Declare guilty

The former lawyer of Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, had to deal with a federal judge who was found guilty of various charges, including payoff payments.

Cohen said Tuesday that he had violated the rules for financing election competitions by paying two large sums of "main goal to influence the elections", but did not mention Trump.

CNBC: Russia lost nuclear powered rocket

Russia is preparing for a nuclear powered missile that has disappeared at sea, according to sources with access to an American intelligence report.

It is a rocket that was tested in November, according to the sources, in the Barents Sea north of Norway and Russia, and Russian crews divided into three ships will be on their way to find it.

Unveiled political campaigns

Facebook has removed 652 accounts, pages & groups that have attempted to deceive and misinform people around the world.

Facebook says the false accounts and groups were part of two political campaigns that tried to misinterpret information, according to the New York Times. The content in different places comes from both Iran and Russia, according to the company.

Amundsen to the newspaper

In a message on social media, Per-Willy Amundsen explains why he has not spoken with iTromsø in eight months that the newspaper is messy and obscene.

"I do not want to spend time on immigration-naive media that do not have ethical pressure and behave unreliable, irresponsible and obscene, so I do not have to talk to the iTromsø newspaper before the editor clears up, the job of the former attorney begins. -general of the Progress Party (FRP).

New lawsuit against Weinstein

The German actress Emma Loman has filed a lawsuit against film producer Harvey Weinstein, where she accuses him of rape in 2006.

Loman claims that Weinstein spoke to her in a hotel suite she encountered, presumably to discuss possible roles in some of his films. She accuses him of abuse, violation of the law on human trafficking, sexual assault and detention.

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