This is how the royal couple will celebrate the wedding day

On August 29, it is 50 years ago that King Harald and Queen Sonja married in Oslo Cathedral. The wedding day is indicated at the wedding party with a festive service in the same church.

Now it is clear that the royal couple will drive to the Oslo Cathedral at 3 pm in the open car for the festive service.

– The king and queen will ride in the same car on the same route as they celebrated their birthday 50 years ago. Then it is possible to go along the route to see the royal couple ", says Sven Gj. Gjeruldsen, head of communication at the Royal House of NTB.

The royal family in short

From the castle the parish of the king runs through Karl Johans gate to Kirkegata, where the vest turns into Oslo Cathedral. After the service, the parish of the king will be driven back in the same way.

The car was also used during the wedding of crown prince Haakon and crown princess Mette Marit in 2001 and is a Lincoln Continental from 1966 with registration number A-5.

A few minutes before the royal couple is driving, it will receive a ticket with the crown prince, Princess Märtha Louise and the children and Princess Astrid.

The police will not go into details about what security measures are being taken in connection with the entire royal family that scans the Oslo paradigate.

"People will see some police there, among other things, we are well prepared and follow closely, and we have a short reaction time if something should happen.We will facilitate a safe and enjoyable celebration for the jubilees and help make this a beautiful and rewarding visit for all involved, "says Aslaug S. Røhne, press officer in Oslo's police district.

4,500 will celebrate the royal couple

On Monday this week the royal house invited people who would attend the party service in the cathedral to report their interest. A total of 200 seats will be awarded after the principle of "first come, first & # 39 ;, but already on Tuesday more than 3,500 people contacted the royal house to get an invitation for the selection.

During the week, another 1,000 people showed their interest in attending the celebration, which is also sent directly to NRK.

– The number of questions fell sharply when we assumed that more than 3,500 had reported their interest. It is very nice that so many people want to attend the party night. Unfortunately Gjeruldsen does not say that not everyone who has shown interest, who can fit in the cathedral, says.

Quiet marking

The royal couple has had several selections in recent years. In 2016 it was 25 years ago that they took over the throne, while the couple celebrated their 80th anniversary in 2017.

During an interview at NRK last year during Christmas, the Queen said she wanted a quiet selection of the golden wedding party.

According to Gjeruldsen, the brand of the golden wedding ceremony will end in the palace after the festive evening.

"It will be a private dinner for the king's family," he says.

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