Three people saved by the sea after canoeing

The case is being updated.

In addition to the emergency services that were released, a Sea King helicopter was also called in to contribute. It announces the police on Twitter on Saturday night. The canoe drove 500 meters outside of Brekka in Buvika.

– The main rescue center is in the picture. Sea King helicopter from Ørland is in place in 12 minutes. We are in contact with the person who swam ", says operations manager Frank Brevik in the police district of Trødelag at 7.15 pm.

– They are on the surface, they are stuck in the canoe. They are cold, but we have direct contact with them on mobile devices, says Brevik.

At 19.25 hours the police write on Twitter:

Three people are taken up by the sea – will be controlled by health.

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