Titusenvis engages in bumpengelrangel in Rogaland: – People are pretty, really cursed

In October, 38 new stations will open in Nordjæren. NOK 25.3 billion will be needed in toll charges over the next 15 years.

This was passed on by a total down payment.

Only Frp voted against when the case was settled locally, with the municipality and in the municipalities of Stavanger, Sandnes, Sola and Randaberg. Then something happened.

Suddenly, Rogaland Labor Party agreed at a board meeting last week that you had to review the financing arrangement again.

When the Storting made its decision, the politicians assumed that there was a local wish to introduce the package. But with the new decision of the Labor Party, there was doubt about the project. It is still time to complete it.

Rises and commits

Bompakken consisted of the practice of several smaller bombardments around important destinations for many in the north of Jæren: Stavanger-center, Forus-area, where there are many jobs, the city center of Sandnes, the airport Risavika and Stavanger, everyone is bombed.

This means that families with homes, nurseries and workplaces in the different zones have to pay much more than in the bombing that the new system should replace.

The dikes are becoming increasingly riotous and on Wednesday demonstrations are expected at various locations, which can lead to chaos in traffic.

Shareholders have announced that they will be demonstrating cheap car tickets in Bybrua, which goes from Stavanger to the Hundvåg district. At the same time, an action will take place in Sandnes, where demonstrations took place last week. That demonstration got out of hand when hundreds of protesters went into traffic, according to Stavanger Aftenblad.

It is Frp politician Leif Arne Moi Nilsen who is at the forefront of the protest in Bybrua.

"People are not only cursed, but pretty, really cursed," he told ABC News.

About 17,000 names were signed on Tuesday morning in an online conversation. Here, however, some names are repeated a number of times. 48,000 is now a member of the Facebook group "For those who oppose the bombing in Sandnes and Stavanger". The two cities have a total of about 200,000 inhabitants

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Believes that people can receive 34,000 higher expenses annually

The hope for the activists is that the bombardment has been canceled, or that the revolving bombs have been renewed and the financing of the road projects you want to carry out in the area.

The involvement of the case took place after the bomb attack was adopted at an extraordinary meeting of the Steering Committee for the Urban Environment Package on Nordjæren on 10 August.

During rush hour it takes 44 kroons for an ordinary driver to drive in one of the six zones, otherwise it costs 22 kroons.

In today's bomb attack, the maximum price is 20 kroner.

"A nurse with whom I have been in contact, who has to go through the train station twice a day to go to work and bring children to kindergarten, gets about 34,000 extra expenses", says Nilsen to ABC Nyheter.

The debate shows, among other things, images from Bergen, by drivers who get up at bus stops and exits to wait until the peak is over, so the costs are lower

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Professions against the Minister of Transport

Local politicians believe that they are forced to start the bombing. The dishes were submitted to the Government and Minister of Transport, Ketil Solvik-Olsen (Frp).

– We have no choice. Our choice is the development of toll or zero, says product manager of the district Marianne Chesak (Ap) at Stavanger Aftenblad. This statement came before the newspaper was familiar with the board decision to the county team, which was mentioned earlier in the case.

Although it is mandatory to pay NOK 25.3 billion, the state has agreed to contribute NOK 7 billion to the so-called urban environment package. This will, among other things, finance a bus route that has risen dramatically in price, bicycle lane, walking and cycling and E39 improvements.

The Minister of Transport is of the opinion that he does not force the municipalities in North Jæren to reticence. He thinks it's a local initiative.

"Some have called for increased government subsidies so cities can take the toll – remind me that the government has already increased public funding for local infrastructure development," he writes in a debate in Stavanger Aftenblad.

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Put hard against hard

Rogaland A / S is of the opinion that it was a condition for local decisions that increased government requirements for road construction and cost increases on motorways, such as E 39, should be covered by the state. In addition, the provincial team of the party indicates that a bicycle lane as a whole must be financed with public funds.

Now they think the government has removed this. That is why they are hard too hard

"If the government maintains its views, this is the basis for continuing the urban distribution and financing of the city package Nord-Jæren", according to the press release.

Christian receives a clear answer from Christian Wedler, group leader in Frp in the municipal council of Stavanger. He believes that the party is unable to give priority to the billions that a unanimous parliament on the north of Jæren has given.

"They want an expensive and bad bus route, as well as a bike path with a price tag as if it were built in gold! We have to cut the projects and get the words in our own house! Then we can ask the state to keep the allocated money without extra toll, "he wrote in an e-mail to Stavanger Aftenblad.

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