Tønsbergs Blad – motorcycle accident at Kopstadveien

"Information about the location shows that the motorcycle was driven from behind and driven into a car that would disable Kopstadveien", said Arild Alfheim around 1645.

He is the head of the operation in the police in South East.

The motorcyclist is a 40-year-old man in Vestfold. He runs the Ullevål hospital with an ambulance. The group of traffic accidents is on its way to the place.

The police were informed of the accident just before quarter past four Saturday afternoon.

"It looks like it could be an accident with serious personal injury," Arild Alfheim said immediately after the accident.

There were traffic problems at the scene of the accident, which lies 4-500 meters west of the exit E18. The police led traffic.

The gravestone was closed for a period and reported just after 6 pm Road Traffic Center South that there is still reduced accessibility.

Kopstadveien is provincial road 680.

We will update the case as soon as we know more

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