Tønsbergs Blad – Traffic accident on the E18 is causing delays

At 12.38 am there was a report about a traffic accident on the E18 in Bamble.

Three cars are involved in a rear suspension. A total of eight people are checked by health workers on the spot. The E18 is closed until we remove the vehicles from the road. This works continuously, the police announces at 12.55 pm.

The traffic center arrived at 12.50 with the following message;

Rugtvedt Cross, on the Arendal – Larvik line, towards Larvik: reduced accessibility due to traffic jams. There are noodles on the premises.

Update: The cars are out of the way and the car storage is on the way. The E18 is open again. There is some mess on the road, so the firefighter has a bark, explains the police.

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