Trailers steal children's bicycles

Steffen André Tveiten MacQueen had just picked up the daughter of a daughter from the school bus when he saw the two truck drivers cycling in the Lithuanian car train.

"For a cowardice and thief pack, he says to NRK Troms, and further tells that his girl-boy started screaming with fear.

Tveiten MacQueen has reported the case to the police.

– Earlier in the afternoon the police received a report about the theft of various bicycles in the Buktamo area. A watch saw that 5-6 bikes were loaded into a trailer that passed. The witness dismissed the incident. Searching for the current trailer did not yield any results in the afternoon, writes the police district of Troms on Twitter.

It is the company Girteka who owns the trailer that drove the two thieves.

– That two people do this is unacceptable. I am ashamed and embarrassed and am disappointed that two people manage to destroy an entire company, "says communications manager at the company, Kristian Kaas Mortensen, at NRK.

Mortensen also says that they are busy getting the trailer, which is on its way to Alta or Skjervøy, stopped.

– Such people do not belong in Girteka. Stealing, whether inside or outside the company, is not good, he says to the state channel.

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