TRAV , SPORT – Emotional reverberation after brutal horse attacks

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The stallion who had been seriously injured after a neck bite of her favorite horse, visited the barn for the first time. – A special meeting, says Eirin Sørmo.

On Friday she left the hospital and barely reached the stable where the dramatic event took place in mid-July.

"It is special, of course, but also very good, it is a fantastic horse that has meant a lot to me, says Sørmo to Trav and Galopp-Ny about reunion with Rofstad Odin.

"If I'm here today, I'm just more determined to return and work with the horses again, my greatest passion is to ride montéløp (rides with the rider) and I have a big goal that I'll do it again. will do, "she says.


Sørmo was sent to the St. Olaf hospital in an air ambulance with various bruises in his neck. It happened after Rofstad had suddenly bitten Odin Sørmo with full force.

A friend came quickly to help and probably did not develop the basketball suit further.

Sørmo could not touch any body in the first days after the accident.

She has since been admitted to the St. Olav hospital. It could be tragic. There were small margins that reached the southernmost favor when Rofstad attacked Odin and dabbed her neck.

It may take up to a year for Sørmo to fully recover.

Rofstad Odin, a victory machine on Norwegian trotting paths, was neutered shortly after the incident. He probably makes his comeback in the race in mid-September.

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