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"We got a message that sheep had been found on the pasture, we have examined them and with three of them there is a sign that there were wolves who killed them, regional authorities responsible for law enforcement in the state nature reserve, Rein Arne Golf.

– Why do they think it's a wolf?

– It is because of the bit and blood tests that we encounter when we do expensive research.

Truleg the same wolf

At the beginning of July there were nine lamb carcasses in Naustdalsfjella and it was then a lie to make a wolf. Later there was a lamb caretaker in Guddal in Fjaller, as a trur was pulled by the same wolf. A wolf was also observed in Flora. Wave victory they have reason to believe that it is the same wolf that did no harm in Lavik.

"It is not far from an area where the wolves have been damaged early, there is good reason to believe that the same wolf has continued here.

Today there have been reports of more cadaver findings.

Rein Arne Golf

TRULEG ULV: found out of Høyanger is a restless bond with the wolf that was on the run this summer, Rein Arne Golf wins the SNO.

Photo: Johan Moen / NRK

"There are three discoveries of cadavers in the same area as today, and we are going to do research on Thursday.

"There is good reason to believe that it is the same wolf, but we do not know," he says.

SNO has also collected some excrement to take DNA samples.

"What we have, do not go to wolf, it has our reefs or other animals, tell Golf.

Førbels has not applied for a lie

At the beginning of August, the promised damage gap was given to Guddal chisel, Flekke chisel, Fjords and Dale gravel and Gaular gravel. This was not extended by the governor of the province because no new observations of wolves were made or more cadaver was found.

It is not possible to apply for wolves for wolves.

"We have not received enough applications yet, no, this is relatively new, it takes a lot of time before people bully their environment, we wait and see, county of the county county Hermund Mjelstad wins.

If it is an application, they can process it quickly.

"We give priority to this rather high, special wolf, because there is a lot of injury potential, victory Mjelstad.

– Report of

Rein Arne Golf from SNO asks people to report on their observations.

– Let us know if you observe wolf or traces of wolf. Those who find carcasses must cover them so that they are as likely as possible. Destroy a cadaver and eyelash very quickly what we are looking for, win golf.

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