Two died in a micro plane crash at Gildeskål in Nordland – NRK Nordland – Local news, TV and radio

"We have found a danger attack and both people have been killed" saves head of the Northern Norway rescue center, Frode Iversen, to NRK.

Porters are notified.

The missing plane was found in the mountain east of Glomfjord, in Storglomvatnet. It was first observed by Defense F16, which gave position to air ammunition in Brønnøysund. They flew in and confirmed that it was the missing microfilm at 1.10 am, according to Iversen.

"The perpetrators are two men who lived in Nordland in the 1930s and 1950s," said operations manager Fredd Leirvik in the Nordland police district at NRK.

Last time at 2 pm

The central rescue center Northern Norway received a message on the disappeared aircraft in the Saltfjell / Meløy region at 22:00 on Tuesday morning.

The micro plane departed Tuesday morning and was last seen at 2 pm. After receiving a message about the missing aircraft, the National Rescue Center launched a comprehensive search with two F-16, Sea King rescue helicopters, an ambulance helicopter and two military Bell helicopters.

Rescue leader Tomas Ring at HRS says they have reason to believe that the incident occurred in the early afternoon.

Tomas Rings

Tomas Rings is the leader of the rescue in the Norwegian National Rescue Center Northern Norway.

Photo: Martin Steinholt / NRK

"We have suggested that the accident happened in the afternoon between 14 and 15.

The search area stretched from Meløy to Saltfjellet in the east and the Svartisen area in the south.

According to the main rescue center, the missing plane must have departed from Markvatnet near Reipå on Tuesday morning to drive reinleting.

Norwegian air sports federations have today chosen to suspend all Norwegian micro licenses with immediate effect.

Rein Search

Rescue leader Iversen told NRK that it was a reported missile. The aircraft was not obliged to report flight plans.

"It is a small plane that has flown low in connection with re-search," says Iversen.

The rescue chief says he will not wonder what is going on.

The main rescue center has informed the accident committee of the incident.

Security of the victims

The police in Nordland are guarded at the scene of the accident while awaiting the detective, as well as crews from the Norwegian Civil Aviation Commission and Salten Brann to arrive. According to police inspector Arne Hammer, the accident committee in Bodø will be in the 10th century.

"Because of the location of the accident, it is necessary to get helicopter support to fly the crew and we are now waiting for feedback from Sea King if they can help," says Hammer.

The identity of the perpetrators has not yet been established, but the police have no reason to assume that there is someone other than the two who would sit on the plane. The police say that family members of these are therefore informed.

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