Two men sailed after shooting in Oslo


The police do not know who or what was the target of the shooting, but arrested two young men and condemned them to gross unlawful arrest with firearms.

published: Updated: 23.08.18 23:53

It confirms lawyer lawyer Silje Anine Green Oslo police district to VG.

Moreover, they have control over five people who are stuck in a car.

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From 18.37 on Thursday night law enforcement a number of reports that more shots were fired in the Arendalsgata area and Grimstadgata on Sagene, and that more people were running from the site.

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Armed police therefore moved to the place where two people were arrested, says operations manager Gjermund Stokkli in the Oslo police at VG.

"When we arrived, we quickly gained control over two people who were trying to avoid it, it has been confirmed that more shots are being fired, but against what or who we do not know, we do not know why this happened, but this is clearly something we very, very serious about looking.

VG has spoken to a store in the neighborhood that says that he has heard four-in-five recordings and has seen more as runners. He further explains that some of the customers were afraid when they heard the shots.

Police deputy leader Rune Bjørsvik says it is too early to say how many shots were fired and what type of weapon was being used. He confirms, however, that two young men have been arrested.

"But it is too early to say anything about possible relationships, and whether it concerns a group or individuals," he says to VG.

The police also hunted a car that disappeared from the scene. At 19.15 hours the current car was found in the center of Oslo.

– It is linked to the shooting. Five people in the car were taken to the police station for questioning. It is unclear whether these are witnesses or suspects. We can not exclude that more people have been involved, says Stokkli.

He does not want to say anything about the five people – neither gender, age nor whether they are known to the police in advance. Neither about the two arrested on the spot, except that the police believe that there is reason to believe that they have been involved.

"It is too early to say something about motives, and if the shooting can be gang-related, this is clearly something we are investigating.

The Operations Manager says they have not found any injuries yet, but this is something they continue to investigate.

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