Two men sentenced to 10 and 15 years in prison for negligent murder of Paul Simmons

The prosecutor said the two men should be convicted of deliberate murder of Simmons, but the Oslo County Court has concluded that the evidence in the case does not support this claim. That is why they are condemned for negligent killing.

Both the prosecutor and the defendants of the two convicted judges will now carefully consider the judgment before deciding whether to continue the outcome of the trial in the judiciary.

– This has been a complicated case, and it is not given what the outcome is here. We do not agree with that part of the verdict, which does not succeed with intentional murder, but the Prosecution has accepted everything else, "said attorney and employee Christian Hatlo to NTB.

Christened and cooled

Paul Simmons was 25 years old when he was given heroin and, in February 2015, in a bath in a hotel in the center of Oslo, he died of cold. In the weeks before he was found dead, his account was lost for almost 800,000.

In the lawsuit that ended at the end of July, the prosecutor asked for much stricter sentences for the two defendants. The Public Prosecutor said that the 35-year-old had to be sentenced for custody for 21 years and that the correct sentence for the 38-year-old was 17 years in prison.

Both of the accused have rejected a penalty for intentional murder. In the court, the two men acknowledged that they deliberately scammed the 25-year-old, but claimed that death was an accident. One of the defendants explained that he had bought the heroine when Simmons stepped in, assuming it was cocaine.

"We are very happy that he was not convicted of deliberate murder, there would never be a charge," said the 38-year-old defender, Benedikt de Vibe, to NTB.


Lawyer Øystein Storrvik defends 35-year-olds. Neither he nor the client had concluded Monday that an appeal should be made to the prison sentence of 15 years in prison.

"We will consider it carefully, but have not yet been able to discuss it," Storrvik told NTB.

In addition to the negligent murder of Simmons, the 35-year-old has also been partially convicted of rape. The man has been convicted 17 times before, including violence against former cohabitants and echoes. The public prosecutor asked the court to order him for custody for a maximum of 21 years, but did not agree with this.

– The question of guardianship will also be dealt with against the issue of appeal. But it is the Attorney General who will decide whether the prosecuting authority will appeal this sentence, "said Hatlo.

Two weeks

The two were also accused of murdering a man in the 1950s from Oslo. However, the prosecutor asked for glorification because it could not be expected that the man would die if the police had not arrived. Both were condemned to rob the man.

The appeal period expires within two weeks.

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