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The complete road project with a new bridge over Seutelva to the west of the center of Fredrikstad should have been opened in the autumn of 2017. Now the Road Administration is speaking in the summer of 2019.

And the explanation is: problems with attaching two of the 25 pelts that carry the bridge.

As a result, the entire bomber project will be delayed by between five and seven months, says project manager Tore Veum in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

"It's good to say that we want to go there, but if we're there for the first time, we have to find a solution, he says.

Do not touch the mountains

The 1400-meter-long road lies in an area with a lot of sharpness.

– The pellets must be drilled through the mass and into the mountains. It is the contact with the mountain that we have not encountered yet. It should probably be done in a different way than we started with, "says Veum.

The jacket that has not yet been poured on the bridge over Seutelva.

The gray bars in the image are complete. On the left (sunken) you will see a steel tube lying in the ground. The lack of contact with mountains means that this can not be poured.

Photo: State Road Administration

The entrepreneur has found the fastest for most concrete games – besides two. These must therefore be rebuilt and the soil conditions make the roadside to 60 meters deep to find solid mountains on which the foundation of the bridge can rest.

"We discuss why it has become as it has become and has not ended up for the main reason," says Veum.

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Brua over Seutelva west of the center of Fredrikstad should be open in the autumn of 2017.

I do not know the closing price

The original frame was about 740 million in 2018 crowns. Now it is increased to 764 million crowns. Veum will not answer what the price will be.

"We know that construction costs are too long, because we have to stick to it longer, but I can not say anything about how it will be now, says Veum.

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