"Unfortunately, we are seeing more and more people streaming phones instead of helping and helping to prevent injury

It is TV2 that made a report based on the fatal accident in Melvik in Harstad in September 2015.

Henry Meier Bårdsen from Harstad told the TV channel that he was told of the accident via photos that people had placed online. Bårdsen lost his sister and brother-in-law in the accident. There were many who gathered around the scene the fateful day in 2015.

Bårdsen says he thinks a lot about the accident and that people are clearer than willing to help.

"I do not know if I can pronounce it in words, but I do not think it's true," says Bårdsen.

Bårdsen & # 39; s friend Tom Are Salberg witnessed the accident and saw that it was filmed and made photos of skuelystne.

& # 39; If there are people who are responsible for the accident, you have to get away. If you do not contribute anything, you have to go to hell there ", says Salberg to TV2.

Emergency networks also go from the spotlights to accident locations. According to Ola Yttre, who is the head of the Ambulance Federation in Delta, restrictions have been imposed in Sweden on filming and photographing on a site of damage and it is against a legal ban in our neighboring country.

"We should see if we go the same way and we will pass this on to the authorities," says Outer to TV 2.

News editor in TV 2, Karianne Solbrække, states that it is the duty of a citizen to help if you get an accident.

"TV 2 is not interested in receiving tips until it is certain that enough help is available," she says.

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