Unni Lindell about marriage: that's why we each live for us

SKUMMELT: Hit, in the middle of the Maridals on the outskirts of Oslo and in a closed military camp, Unni Lindell has added a lot of action to the
SKUMMELT: Hit, in the middle of the Maridals on the outskirts of Oslo and in a closed military camp, Unni Lindell has added a lot of action to this year's "Crimean book". "It's scary enough here," she said. Picture: Mattis Sandblad


Unni Lindell (61) is both dark and mysterious when she is at dusk in the heart of the Maridale state. There she put the action in her new book "Dronen".


Because if everything she can, it is dark and mysterious. It also appears on the bank account to say so. She is the crime queen of Norway.

But she saves her from her son because she learns to swear to the grandchildren and when she writes it is completely impossible to be with them. That's why a separate apartment in Oslo became the solution.

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"My husband and I are still married," says Unni Lindell, 61, who is currently in charge of a new crime novel.
"He lives in our house in Høvik, but I'm so glad that I live at a secret address in Oslo, there was a period of incredibly many strange people around the door." There were probably too many people who knew where I lived, so to speak, actually I'm not very tough, says Unni Lindell.

But sells her tough hero hero. She has sold more than six million books so far. The books have been translated into different languages. The television series about her time-honored hero, Cato Isaksen, is shown in several European countries.

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At best! Book Review: Unni Lindell: "The Dronen"

The "Drones" is the book of the year out of her hand, and in fact that book to be a bestseller is the best. The first edition is 50,000 copies and the reviewer of VG has already concluded: "The Dronen" offers everything Unni Lindell has made for Norway's crime scene. Dice five.

"I had to cry a little, so happy, Lindell immediately exclaims after reading the review.

Usually she needs a year to write her books. In the last routine session she received questions from the publisher last year if everything was going to happen if she did the book well.

– Yes, I lied. The truth was that I had nothing clear. Absolutely nothing. But at the same time I knew that everything was going to work. I can do this, but it was important to reassure the publisher.

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Unni Lindell presents the new book that has challenged her in new ways.

"I did not know anything about drones from the past, not so much about insects, but as an important part of the book, when it was just reading.

It was the man who put her on the intrigue of this year's book.

"He drove and played with a drone last summer and showed me the landscape from above, suddenly:" I saw the tent in the light of the forest. Then I knew how the book would be, what it should be about. The intrigue was clear to me. All I had to do was write the book, "says Lindell.

"A man is in a closed military camp and sends a drone, he films and looks at the dark forest from the top of the screen, the time is 21.35, it is June, seventeen degrees and sunbathing. open spot on a rapeseed, then he sees the tent and it says exactly where Evie Thorn was killed five years ago. & # 39;

– The tent, says Unni Lindell.

"It was as if you were reliving one of the biggest horror scenarios from childhood.We were often on walks, mom and dad, my sister and I. We kids always ended up on each side, against the blanket. someone would come to cut a knife through the blanket and kill me, and as such I might be a bit ahead of my time, says Unni Lindell.

She is happy that the summer is over. Admittedly, without being a figure sturgeon and that she is back in her apartment. Alone.

"It's really tiring to have a holiday, the crown of children and grandchildren, and I'm starting to cook a bit," says Unni Lindell.

For the next moment, to speak broadly about how wonderful it is to be a grandmother – or "Nunne" as the four grandchildren call her.

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"I am very pleased with them, it is really something that many grandparents say, they give life an extra dimension, they have so many beautiful things to say, often write down what they say, for example when I am touring with my oldest grandchild. He was maybe five at the time, and a man walks and smokes us, is there something I can not really say is smoking? So I say, you know what, Nunne, it's not that special because I that never did. "

Unni Lindell is already working on next year's book – and this time she has a clear idea what to write about. But there will not be a new crime book. Because it will only come in two years.

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Unni Lindell (soon 60): "I really do not hope that it is a life after death

"Now I look forward to working with" Dronen ", interviews, readers of meetings, signing books, the only thing that many of my colleagues are not so enthusiastic about, I think I am funny. readers, listen to what they think of my book, I like that.

But she is always not sure if all her readers are just as happy to see her.

"Sometimes I have the feeling that people make me a bit" scared. "" Save "to become part of the action in my new book somehow, maybe as a murderer – or the one being murdered. about whom I write, after all, are in the suburbs of life ", says Unni Lindell.

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