Update: Two died at an accident table in chemical tanks

The main rescue center of Southern Norway was notified of the accident on Saturday morning at 4.30 am. The ship, called Key Fighter, was about 13 nautical miles outside the city.

"We immediately sent a rescue helicopter from Florø, which came the closest," says leader Cecilie Øversveen to NTB.

The helicopter turned just after 5 o'clock. A few minutes later, the two sailors, belonging to a crew of 14, were on their way to the Ålesund hospital.

– The only man who was confirmed died shortly after arrival at the hospital. The other is still unconscious, said Fjord Shippings spokesman Hugo Matre to NTB on Saturday afternoon.

The other man, who was in the 1940s, was admitted to the Ålesund hospital on Saturday with very serious injuries. On Sunday morning Helse Møre og Romsdal reports that the man is dead.


The men worked in a tank when they were found unconscious, says the police station in West. It was the crew who had taken them out of the tank.

– Both the police and the shipping company are investigating the accident. The boat will be released, but the shipping company wants to take a little longer, not least because of the crew. The ship will be in Måløy so far, "says Matre.

The ship was on its way from Norway to England when the accident occurred.

"This was a ballast with the ship without cargo, but in connection with the ballast fulfillment they had this event", Matre told Bergens Tidende.

Experienced sailors

The ship usually carries rapeseed oil and fish oil. The company is now looking at the equipment and checking that all routines are being followed, while the police are conducting on-site investigations and questioning the crew.

Matre tells NTB that the affected men are both experienced sailors.

"This is a tragic event and the shipping company is doing everything to support family members and crew members, both with practical things and with psychosocial help, so far we help the relevant authorities and ensure that there is no problem for the continued operation of the ship, "said the spokesperson.

Toxic gas

According to the police, the two should have been exposed to the toxic gas hydrogen sulfide, but they can not say more about the state of affairs. Matre does not think that a kind of gas can be the cause.

– We still do not know where this was due. Only the two were there, but because both were unconscious, it is likely that there was such a thing. The charge itself was in fact vegetable oil and the tank was emptied. There were no particularly dangerous ingredients, "said Matre.

Both the Maritime Directorate and the Havarikommission have been informed of the accident.

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