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"It seems incredibly convenient," says Right, that the MDG office will remove the cars from the accident gate.

The city council for urban development in Oslo, Hanna Marcussen (MDG), will take drastic steps after it became known that the gate of Queen Eufemia in Bjørvika reaches the peak of the capital's accident.

"In order to get a traffic-safe solution for the future, you have to set priorities, and I think you should give priority to private cars on the street," Marcussen told Nettavisen on Friday evening.

Marcussen also believes that the right, which had city rights in 2003 when the road was passed, carries a lot of responsibility for the problems in the new street.

The statements now have the right to race against the city council.

"It seems incredibly easy to just say that a traffic group sets off, so all problems are solved," says Bård Folke Fredriksen (H), city politician, Nettavisen, who was city council for urban development in Oslo from 2009 to 2015.

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ACCIDENTS: This crossing in the gate of Queen Eufemia in Bjørvika, Oslo, which was opened four years ago, is one of the most accidentally illuminated crossings in Oslo.

Jørgen Berge

– is not half finished

Fredriksen points out that Bjørvika has not been fully developed yet and it is therefore too early to conclude about the new parade.

– Bjørvika is not half finished. You have to take the time it takes before you build the road network and see how it works together before you start repairing a road network that has not been completed, he says.

BILFRITT: The city council for urban development in Oslo, Hanna Marcussen (MDG), will remove the cars from the Queen Eufemia street and believes that the right carries a lot of responsibility for the problems on the street.

Geir Olsen
NTB scanpix

Marcussen emphasizes that street is particularly scary for cyclists, and as Nettavisen said Thursday, the bicycle fields go straight over several bus stops that create traffic dangerous situations.

But this also brings Fredriksen back to.

"It is never planned that the gate of Queen Euphemia will be the most important passage of a bicycle through the area, it will run parallel to the street, Operagata, but it has not yet ended in two years, he says, and emphasizes:

"It has always been the plan, and when it is ready, there is a very different cycling regime in Bjørvika.

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– He will only move

Fredriksen believes that the city council's proposals are simply not well thought out.

"What about the MDG is a conspicuous thought, banning private cars, has a number of aspects that they clearly have not thought of.At east of the road there is a motorway that links Oslo West and traffic to Oslo S and the ferry terminal in Vippetangen will operate, "he says, as he continues.

"If you shut down the street for traffic, all traffic will encounter other streets and cause traffic problems, so there is no solution to close a race, because then the problems just go away, he claims.

CYCLE ERRORS: The bicycle fields in the street Queen Euphemia include several bus stops.

Jørgen Berge

Gunnar Stavrum: Useless parade street

– Who is responsible for the fact that there are so many problems on the street?

"The road is planned by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, and it is the city council that has adopted the regulatory plan on the proposal of the city council," Fredriksen said.

– Are you in the right place with the power of the city council when the road was passed and do you have additional responsibility?

"We are responsible for the regulatory plan, but here is nothing that has been done, the point is that you can not make the results before you have completed the development of Bjørvika and the road network and today concludes that it is not working, he says.

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– Blackberry game

Fredriksen points out that the street of Queen Euphemia is mainly a street that takes walking into account and that it works well.

"There are certainly things that can be adjusted along the way, but to start with the kind of black game that is about going out is populism – and in any case it has never been the solution to find good solutions to the problems we face have to face, city agent says.

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NECESSARY REQUIREMENTS: In the new parade, there were many cars, cyclists and pedestrians on Thursday crossing each other in the street. Now MDG has removed the cars.

Jørgen Berge

22 accidents – two serious ones

The main crossing in the street of Dronning Eufemia is one of the most accidentally taxed in the capital, and Aftenposten figures from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration show that since the street was opened in 2014, there have been 22 accidents in the broad and new parade. Two people were seriously injured.

Queen Euphemia's gate opened on May 11, 2014 for traffic and cost NOK 925 million to build. That is 13,000 crowns per centimeter. The 750 m long and 43.5 m wide road route is one of the most expensive roads in Norway.

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