VG: The policeman has removed the photo 's of the photographer from Metro Crash in Oslo

Chief editor Gard Steiro in the World Gang responds strongly to the progress of the Oslo police to a team from his newspaper when a 20-year-old Brann supporter was badly injured after being hit by the subway.

– This is completely unacceptable. Never in my time as an editor in Norway have I experienced something similar, says Steiro to Aftenposten.

"I hardly slept tonight, but what happened is very sad.

Asked for help, the camera did not get access

The VG team was sent out to cover the accident that occurred after a large number of Fire Supporters entered the subway station, some of them with lightning bolts.

In the chaos that occurred, one of the supporters fell on the railway and was hit by the metro.

"When our team came to the place to do their job, they were quickly confronted and shattered by some very aggressive people, the photographer and journalist felt unsafe and approached a local policeman to ask for help to calm the mobs. says the editor-in-chief.

According to Steiro, the policeman, instead of helping the VG team, immediately fired the photographer's camera.

"He acted aggressively and took pictures that he clearly had on the spot," explains the VG editor.

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