VIOLENCE , CRIMEA – Heavy mood and violence at night in Sandnes

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There was very little atmosphere in the center of Sandnes, after a man from the late twenties had been unconscious one evening to Sunday.

A patrol of the south-western police district happened to be on site and according to operational manager Olaug Bjørnsen many things happened at the same time.

"It was a lady who had a chat, and she became very outgoing and kicked and ruined, among other things, the door in the police car.While they tried to keep her under control, they had to remove someone else who fought, and then they were told that someone murdered, says Bjørnsen.

While the 20-year-old woman was arrested and reported for damage, the police went to the place where a man was beaten unconscious at the end of the 1920s and bled to wounds above the eye.

"When the police came in, he finally woke up and an ambulance arrived, we do not have the details of what happened, but there were people who saw what happened, so they pointed to the perpetrator. a man in the early 30's, and he was arrested and arrested, "Bjørnsen said.

The whole revival led to an even more excited atmosphere inside and outside the room and seven people were told by the police that they had to leave the city center.

– One of them scolds the police and can not behave. This is a man in the mid-40s, and he is now aware of the intimidation of public service personnel, says the operations manager.

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