VIOLENCE , CRIMEA – The court will release convicted teenagers after Sagene has shot

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The district court is responsible for releasing the two 19-year-olds who are accused after more fire was fired on the open street in Sagene in Oslo on Thursday evening.

The two 19-year-old men were arrested just after the police arrived at the Sagene in Oslo, where several shots had been fired.

On Saturday, the two were made for detention in the court of Oslo, but the court decided that the 19-year-olds would be released, writes Nettavisen.

"The court has released my client after a thorough assessment, which makes clear that there is no reason to suspect, as the police have said," defends one of the spirits Tom Barth-Hofstad.

– My client has given a good and detailed explanation, in accordance with the evidence in the case otherwise. It is clear to me that the police have arrested wrong perpetrators, as I have also said in court. In fact, this means that the perpetrators who actually carried out the shooting are still on the run, he says.

In the prison laws, the court points out that there are striking testimonies and internal contradictions in the case, and it can be a coincidence that the two 19-year-olds have been arrested by the police. The court also points out that witnesses can draw in the direction of other perpetrators.

The police have raised both releases. For example, the 19-year-olds remain in prison until the appeal is dealt with.

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