Vogntog drove off the road – a field closed on the E39 in Stavanger

At 4.24 am on Tuesday morning the police reported a truck that had driven from the road on the E39 to the north. The accident happened near the exit to the hospital.

There must be major material damage, but the driver must be undamaged. The police also report that it will take time to clear the road and this will affect traffic in the morning and tomorrow morning.

Just after 05:00 there is, according to the police, a storage car in place. The pick up of the car train from the ditch takes a few hours and only one field is kept open towards the north.

According to the police, the driver has no explanation why he drove off the road. The police say there have been reports of damage to a tunnel as a result of the accident. This must be checked.

The driving license of the driver has been confiscated and the police have created a case.

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