Vogntog drove off the road – the cleaning work is likely to be completed by 10 am

"Now a little more than 9 am we closed one field on the E39 and lifted the truck on the road, then it takes about half an hour before the carriage has been removed and the road has been cleared, says Lars Morten Nesheim in Viking rescue service .

He led the rescue work together with two colleagues.

At 09.00 hours the rescue work of the trailer that drove off the road began in the north in the field on the E39 in Stavanger, between the junction to Åsen and the junction to Bekkefaret.

"The storage work took time because there was a lot of steel and fencing in the engine and all the way in the wheelhouse on the road was thrown", says Nesheim to Aftenbladet.

Major material damage

At 4.24 am on Tuesday morning the police reported a truck that had driven from the road on the E39 to the north. The accident happened between the exit to Åsen and the exit at Bekkfaret on the E39.

There must be major material damage to the truck train, but the driver – a man in the 1920s – must be undamaged.

Storage car was in place just after 5 am.

The driver has no explanation

According to the police, the driver has no explanation why he drove off the road.

There have been reports of possible injuries in or through a bus tunnel in the Oscar Wistings gate, under E39 where the accident took place, and this is being investigated further by the municipality of Stavanger.

The driving license of the driver has been confiscated and the police have created a case.

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