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Many people are also injured in Norwegian fires. The number was almost 500 last year, 21 of them were serious.

– Students tend to set up a frozen pizza if they arrive late. Then you fall asleep or forget about it. It usually ends well, often thanks to a smoke detector that warns the residents ", says Espen Opedal, Insurance Officer

– The dinner at the stove in combination with alcohol is not harmless.

  Espen Opedal

CONFIRMED: Espen Opedal in Insurance Insurance

Photo: Tryg

Many people do not have smoke detectors

In these days it is a graduation project for more than 300,000 students at universities and colleges across the country. and are not used to thinking about their own fire safety: According to a survey, a maximum of 10,000 students do not have smoke detectors in their house.

– It is worrying that so many people are exposed to unnecessary risk, although it is a home queue, it is important be critical of what you hire. ” title=”Foto: Tryg”/>

– It is the responsibility of homeowners that smoke detectors are installed and approved fire extinguishers are available, "said Espen Opedal.

  Svidd pizza

SVIDD PIZZA: The result of cooking on student hybel.

The Lower Roman Fire and Rescue Service

Has no extinguishers

The survey, conducted by the Norwegian Fire Protection Association and Tryg Forsikring, also reveals that almost one in five students live in a home without extinguishing equipment or without to know where

One in four students has only one escape route or they do not know anymore.

– Unfortunately, many students are offered rental housing that has not been approved. There may be cellars and ceilings that have been rebuilt without the application for approval, and may be potential firefighters, "said Espen Opedal.

Has a handle in Bergen

The questionnaire also revealed that half of the students who rent privately and live in public do not have instructions about fire safety on the landlord's site. In total, nine out of ten students state that they have never taken part in a fire drill in the house.

This has been tried to do something about Bergen. In the student housing of Sam (former students student council in Bergen), students must follow a fire protection course to gain access to Wi-Fi.

– A creative and good grip, Trine S. Sommerlade believes in the fire station in Bergen.

In 2016, the registry 122 made unnecessary progress in student housing in Bergen. The goal is to reduce the number. At the same time, the safety of the students must be improved.

  Trine Sommerlade with burnt pizza

WITH BRENT PIZZA IN HENDENE: Trine S. Summer in the fire brigade of Bergen.

Photo: Leif Rune Løland / NRK

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