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"It's a big problem: with rules in Norway, top athletes can not make a bet, many have to choose, and then they often choose sports," Leine told NRK.

She studies nursing, which involves a lot of practice. The requirement to practice (90 percent) means that Leine can not participate in the qualifying matches of the World Cup with Norway. She must meet for the mandatory exercise.

Kristine Leine

FRUSTRERT: Kristine Leine.

Photo: Ragna Sandholt / NRK

"It is utterly tragic for the athletes and the national team, they must have the best athletes and the national team can not lose a player because of the exercise, it must be possible when it is suitable for all parties, something else is bullshit," Walltin told NRK.

Meet Friday

The reactions were a lot after the news became known on Thursday. On Friday, NFF, College, Olympiatoppen and Leine met a solution.

"I feel that they have a little bit more understanding, but we have not got anything, I hope there is a solution," Leine told NRK.

She is not alone; This is a familiar environment for athletes. Betting at the highest level can not be combined with studies and therefore different ones have to be chosen.

"It is against what we recommend," said Joachim Walltin, and explained:

"We do not want to make shortcuts, but it must be possible to facilitate." We spend more time, that's what we recommend. "There are some limitations, for example with the loan fund, there is a limit of eight years and if you have a master's degree follows for a period of 10 years, you get no support.

The NISO leader believes that it is too coincidental when top athletes organize the studies and therefore have called on politicians to accept. NISO encourages education, but believes that more people are cutting out the studies.

Video Joachim Walltin

NISO LEADER: Joachim Walltin

Photo: NRK

"We have to look at the limit of 50 percent, which is the requirement to take part in studies It must be possible to leave We have to look at the length of part-time studies, which is now 8 years old, we have to expand. we have to look at routines and rules that make it easier to work together between the organization, the individual athlete and the educational institution, "says Kari Henriksen (AP), member of the family and culture committee.

– Not good

In June of this year, the Labor Party promoted a proposal for better facilitation for athletes and education. The sale is being considered in the Education and Research Committee and will be held in the Deposit this autumn.

"It is good that politicians are out and congratulated when athletes succeed, but it is more important that they come here," Walltin told NRK.

Hege Jørgensen, head of the Women's Football Association, was a guest on the Eastland Mission on Friday morning and announced that this is anything but a new issue.

Hege Jørgensen

GIVEN: Hege Jørgensen.

Photo: Per Onsheim / NRK

"We have to get national rules for this, it is not possible that every player has to fight his case, this is" top "of the Norwegian youth, we treat them that way too – that's not okay, says Jørgensen.

– Why would football players receive special treatment?

"We have to decide whether we want the top level or not, and if we want competitiveness, we have to take the consequences.

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