Weather: Snow on Sognefjellet

SNØ: Snow has fallen on Sognefjellet.

SNØ: Snow has fallen on Sognefjellet.


Tonight on Sunday it snowed on Sognefjellet. Råmund Mundhjeld is general manager at Sognehytta. He announces NRK that it was about five inches of snow during the night.

Frode Hassel is a meteorologist at Vervarslinga in Western Norway. He admits that snow is early in August.

– We had a temperature drop. Monday will also be cool. Even then there may be snow, but the temperature rises longer than the week, so this is a temporary phenomenon, "says Hassel.

Although August is a summer month, it is not sensational with snow on Sognehytten, which is 1,400 meters above sea level.

– It snowed earlier in August. It will probably happen again, says Hassel.

Råmund Mundhjeld tells NRK that in July he experienced snow at Sognefjellet.

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