When the customs officers discovered that the car was coming from Bergen, they suspected

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This question was presented by customs at the Ørje customs office on Tuesday evening 21 August when they saw the passenger car crossing the unmanned Bjørkebekk border crossing, a stretch south of Ørje in Østfold.

– Has the car caught

"We have an automatic signaling system at all major border crossings and it has overtaken this car," says Gro Lene Gundelsby, head of department at Ørje Customs Station.

– Did you have information about the driver or car that made this car particularly interesting?

– No, it was that it had no local property. The customs stopped the car a few miles later when she arrived in Rakkestad in the eleven hours of the evening, she says.

– Holidays in Sweden

Two men lived in Bergen in the car. The driver is in the 30's while the passenger is in the 20's.

"They had a somewhat diffuse story, but told them that they had visited several places in Sweden on holiday, so the officials took an investigation on the spot, Gundelsby expands.

– Have blood on the tooth

Under one front of the car they found a box with 10 grams of marijuana.

– So they got blood to the tooth and took some more thorough control. When the customs officers discovered that something was hidden under the back of the car, they contacted the police, she said.

The police took the driver and the passenger with them, while the passengers returned the car to the Ørje customs office.

A narko dog snatched up to 3.7 kg of marijuana hidden under the back of the car.

The fabric was packaged in three different packages that had been acidified with a lot of gaffa tape.

– Intended for resale

– How big is this?

"There is no solid attack, but it is fully intended for resale," says Gundelsby.

– What's the matter with the two men?

– They are released in anticipation of the process. None of them was previously known in the customs union. There was absolutely no drama during this action, they were very easy to do, says Gundelsby, head of the section.

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