Why do smart cities have to have stupid bombs?

Regardless of how much the bombers mobilize, including the demonstrations that will take place in Stavanger and Sandnes on Wednesday, the bombing of North Jæren will be carried out on 1 October according to plan. Unless someone kills them, then.

A solid majority of the elected representatives in the provincial council and in the municipalities that comprise the urban environmental package have agreed this and the Storting has given the plan its blessing.

At the same time, it is only the judge, and partly the Center Party, which is apparently almost unaffected by the protest actions. It is impressive cold-blooded, because it is no wonder that many politicians get nervous when about 10 percent of the residents of the county have signed up for the Facebook group for the clumsy campaigners in Nok, Nok. It is after all elections next year.

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Bomb since the 70s

Bump financing of road construction projects has a long history in Norway. The bridge Bru in Vestfold already opened in 1932 with bomb financing. In Stavanger the first bomb arrived in Bybrua after the opening around the turn of the year 1977/78 was opened. Then the protests were furious and in 1982 there was a case in court between Bybrua AS and the action group against toll charges.

In other words, a battle for bomb projects is not something new. From the last few years we remember the protests in Rennesøy when it was proposed to extend the Rennfast collection period to pay for new projects.

It is strange, many will say that the best arguments against the current toll system are now coming, long after the Urban Environmental Package has been approved. But is it too late? No of course not.

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Smart city – smart bomb

The Stavanger region has a clear goal to become smarter. Smartby offers more efficient services and better service to residents. Why not start making the tree and the pieces smarter? There is no reason why the pieces and the bombs should not be programmed to be fairer, for example. This was the Managing Director of the Association, Harald Minge, in a management article in the Rosenkilden member magazine, already in April this year.

As Minge points out, it is unreasonable that how much you pay in the end does not necessarily depend on how much you drive. It depends on where you live, where you work where your children have been given a day nursery. Is it inconceivable, for example, that someone who has to deliver the bombs to be delivered and the little ones fit in the kindergarten can get some free passes? It should be possible. Is it inconceivable that people with low income and wealth (based on the comparison of the year in advance) can get a number of free passes? It is certainly not uncomplicated, but it is certainly possible.


Minge proposes a so-called innovation partnership to develop the twinning solution for the future. It must be the core of the municipality of Stavanger. It is only a few days ago that alderman Per Kristian Vareide in Arendal bragged about the involvement of the municipality in such partnerships. Here it is an all-time opportunity for Stavanger to be at the forefront. And the potential reward is great.

With the current system of toll collection, a disproportionate amount of income goes to management and exploitation of the collection scheme. The federation has estimated that more than four billion of the money that will be collected in the next 15 years will go to administration and exploitation. We can talk about 50 billion on a national basis. There is a lot of money. A system that is more efficient, fairer and not least smarter can reduce operating costs and make it possible to build more for the money collected.

Tax is better than costs

The problem with bumpeng resistance has long been that there are no good alternatives. On one side of the scale you have those who believe that the state will pay for all road construction and where necessary pay with money from the oil fund. This is a vision that is hardly shared by everyone in the Progress Party. On the other side of the scale are those who believe that today's system is the best we have and that people will settle pretty quickly after the system has been put into use. This view is much of an exponent of Right.

But there are clear alternatives for toll. Increased taxes, for example. Or higher road tax. The problem of exchanging taxes with another is of course that this does not solve the problem of social injustice. If the goal is that everyone pays for their ability and profit when needed, they should be taken as much as possible through the tax system. But then it got the right side of that idea.

In brief:

1. Everyone agrees that today's system is not fair.

2. There are technologies that can help.

3. The municipalities in Noord-Jæren want to become smarter and more efficient by using technology.

If this is not the recipe for a great idiom, I do not know what it should be. If further incentives are required, we can agree that the person who comes with the solution will receive a free ticket in the bomb for the rest of his life.


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