Woman arrested for house fire

The police were informed of the house fire in Løten in Hedmark on Monday at 12.29 hours.

"There was a lot of fire in the house and there was also a man in a car nearby," said Operations Manager Atle B. von Obstfelder in the Inland Police District for TV 2.

The fire was extinguished, but both the house and the car were completely damaged. Before 16:00 the police announce that a woman has been arrested in connection with the fire.

"Investigations and witnesses indicate that the fire has been wreaked, and in this connection the perpetrator has decided that a woman must be arrested," said von Obstfelder.

The police say to TV 2 that it was a municipal house that burned. There were two people and the arrested woman was one of them.

"Hamar is now taking the police station on further investigation with questioning," said the operational manager.

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