Woman found with wounds in the stomach in Mysen

The police were informed of the incident from 0.27 night to Saturday. Operations Manager Ronny Årstein in the East Police District does not want to inform NTB who informed the police.

The woman came out of the incident with only superficial injuries, but is still being treated at the hospital, announcing the police on Twitter just before 5.30 am.

The police still do not know what happened before the woman was found.

– We do not have a clear picture of this, says Aarstein to NTB at 5.40 am.

He says that the police carried out tactical and technical investigations on the spot while they were looking for perpetrators. The active search has ended and the police are reporting on Twitter that the operational police efforts have also been completed.

– We have received good traces of the site, they write.

When the police suspect something criminal, the operations manager says that they "keep all chances open."

The police confirm to NTB that they know the identity of the woman but do not want to give up her age.

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