Young man to hospital after small boat crashed by speedboat

"He was slightly injured and was taken to the hospital to look at it and is in good shape, saves leader Jan R. Lillebø at the main rescue center in Southern Norway.

The accident must have occurred in Fusafjorden, a Bjørnafjorden fjord. The main rescue center was informed in 1958.

Moved passengers

The Bergen Coast Guard transported the wounded to Os before being transferred to the Haukeland hospital by an ambulance.

The speed boat Rygerfonn was on a regular route on the way from Bergen to Rosendal. 49 passengers and a crew of three on board, BA is illuminated.

"There are ravaged traps on Rygerfonn that divers need to get away from before they can drive on, the cat of the Ryger sailboat coming in and crossing passengers, says Lillebø.

The rescue bus describes the recreational craft as a total wreck, while the speedboat does not suffer material damage.

– Climbed on board

Policeman Frank Lysøl tells the Middle East that the small boat driver of less than 20 feet lives at the end of his teenage years and lives in the municipality of Os.

– He has some cuts and wounds, but
was no more wounded than he swam away and climbed aboard
in Rygerfonn, Listøl says to the middle side.

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