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"Finnmark now has unemployment that is among the lowest in the country and we should no longer spend billions on additional measures in the country," says Young Right leader Sandra Bruflot against

Bruflot therefore requests the government parties, who are now working on the state budget for next year, to destroy the action zone for Finnmark and North Troms.

This proposal provides rapporteurs and parliamentarians from North Troms and Finnmark to respond with headquarters.

Vadsø-rapporteur Hans-Jacob Bønå is of the opinion that his party colleague is completely in a position with this recording.

"It is therefore Troms and Finnmark who will finance the balance in the state budget, so the only ones left with minus are the ones sitting here, it will be so wrong that you get some benefits from a few to get a balance in the state budget, "says Vadsø-rapporteur Hans Jakob Bønå (H), who himself notes that the schemes make it easier for his municipality to attract labor.

"It is this instrument that draws people to Finnmark, it compensates for the fact that it is completely black in the winter and quite clear in the summer.It is too easy to say that you are removing it with a pencil smoke.

Mayor of Vadsø, Hans.Jacob Bønå

Mayor of Vadsø, Hans-Jacob Bønå (H), would like Sandra Bruflot to contact him before she makes her proposal. Prayer finds it sensational when this proposal is granted.

Photo: Bård Wormdal / NRK

– New proposal to centralize Norway

Sandra Bruflot hopes that the action zone in North Troms and Finnmark will already be destroyed in the next year's budget proposal.

– The measures in the field of action were introduced in 1990 in response to high unemployment and the prevention of displacements. When Finnmark now has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, there is no reason to continue, says Bruflot against

Svein O. Leiros

Svein O. Leiros (Sp) is the mayor of Kåfjord. He and his wife moved, among others, to the municipality because of the write-down of student loans. Leiros believes that it is completely wrong to remove the action zone.

Photo: Jørn Inge Johansen / NRK

The mayor of Kåfjord, Svein O. Leiros, says that the action zone has been very important for, among other things, his own family. A woman is a nurse and the writing off of student loans was an important reason to move to Kåfjord. Without this position he may not have been the mayor of the Nord-Troms municipality.

– I'm not surprised here. This is a new proposal to centralize Norway. If there is something that has worked in Troms and Finnmark, then there are measures in the action zone. There is a write-down of student loans and employer contributions, says Leiros.

Fear of losing professionals

Bruflot says to Aftenposten that the employer's contribution can be reduced from 14.1 percent to 13 percent if the exemptions in Finnmark and Northern Troms spread across the country.

Sp Politician Geir Adelsten Iversen from Hasvik is a member of the Storting Committee for Food and Agriculture. He thinks it's the wrong way to get rid of tax relief. Iversen says that such a proposal would not be better for the municipalities struggling in a region, because not everyone is in the same boat as the large municipalities in North Troms and Finnmark.

"We have many communities in our area that do not go, so it's laughing, if they keep teachers and other professionals, then it's important that these measures are available today.It will be almost impossible to get teachers and qualified people without it mechanism, says Iversen.

Iversen says it is too easy to delete the scheme. He believes that it is unlikely that Right in this case will listen to his youth party.

"I have little confidence that the law will be a business party for this, and if they do, they will dig a grave that they will not get out of," says the Sp politician.

Geir Adelsten Iversen

Staving politician and member of the Nutrition Committee, Geir A. Iversen (Sp), believe that the measures are important in the north. He does not think it is a good policy to cross this arrangement.

Photo: Simon Piera Paulsen / NRK

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