Young woman dulled in Oslo – girl sued

By Steinar Schjetne and Alexander Vestrum, NTB

The police took a break in questioning the man in the years & # 39; 20 on Sunday evening. He has not considered the issue of punishment yet, Grete Lien Metlid, head of intelligence and investigation in the Oslo police district, told NTB.

She does not want to comment on what was said in the interrogation.

– He takes it seriously The offended is dead now. It is a demanding interrogation with an interpreter. The man also has a wound in one hand, something he did in connection with what happened on Sunday, says Metlid.

Temporary stay

Both the victim and the victim, who were also in the 1920s, are asylum seekers and had a temporary stay in Norway.

– We do not know their story in detail, but they have not been in Norway for long, says Metlid.

In addition to the two with backgrounds from a country outside of Europe, they wish they do not say anything about where they come from. The reason for this is that the police investigate whether the woman had a family in Norway and that she did not want to start from identifying data. The police also try to warn family members abroad

Love relationship

Grete Lien Metlid confirms that the victim and the victim probably had a love affair, but that the status of their relationship between them is still not entirely clear to the researchers . It was probably the man who lived in the building where the murder took place. The woman lived elsewhere in Oslo and was most likely visited by the siege, according to what has been revealed to the investigation so far.

Metlid emphasizes that the police have "a relatively good overview of this early in the case". The police expect to receive the preliminary autopsy report on Monday. The prison question is handled on Monday. The man agrees to the custody but on Sunday evening it was not clear whether a prison meeting would be held or a so-called office shop where the parties are not present.

VG, the man's defender, Unni Frisian, says that the client has explained everything he has done on Sunday, but it is still too early to say how he relates to the sentence.

– Very, very seriously

The Oslo police reported a battle with a knife at 0.24 and was on the spot shortly afterwards, while the ambulance arrived

When the police arrived, the woman was found knives piece outside the Runes shop in Kapellveien. She was lifeless and the first aid was given on the spot, Rune Ullsand, operating leader in the Oslo police district told NTB night to Sunday.

– When the police arrived, they realized that this was very, very serious. It was tried to save the woman's life, but it quickly became clear that it would not go, says Metlid.

Died in hospital

About two hours later, at 2.15 pm, the woman was declared dead in the hospital.

The witness who informed the police about the murder is a knowledge of the victims. He was present when there would have been a situation that had put an end to the crash of the woman, according to Metlid.

– It appears that others have come a little later. There are several who can be questioned, she says.

The police also conducted an investigation in the area.

Image: td172efc
The police worked on Sunday at night to secure traces on the ground. Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB scanpix
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A woman died after a stabbing outside the shop in Kapellveien in Kjelsås in Oslo, from evening to Sunday. Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB scanpix

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