Are you afraid of being sick?

What is Health Anxiety?

Health anxiety or hypochondria is a strong fear of contracting a deadly disease or having it. One can also fear a chronic and serious condition. Examples of fears include cancer, AIDS, MS, or similar serious neurological conditions.

People with health anxiety will be very concerned about pain or other changes in their body, they often pay close attention and wonder what could be a sign of illness. The concerns mean that you see a doctor often and that you may not be reassured, even if the doctor does not find any signs of illness.

Sometimes a lot of people find themselves worried about illness, it can happen if you know someone who has become ill, if you are very stressed or tired, or if you have learned about an illness you haven’t heard much about. Feeling anxious and wondering if you could be sick doesn’t necessarily mean you have health anxiety.

Attention or health anxiety

Taking care of yourself, talking to someone if you’re concerned about your health, and going to the doctor if you have signs of illness that persist is fine.

When health concerns begin to affect daily life, interfere with other activities, and involve a lot of stress and discomfort, it can eventually lead to what’s called health anxiety and hypochondria.

What can you do?

If you notice any inconvenience, it’s nice to have it checked General practitioner. If a doctor does not find anything, it is good to try to calm it down, indeterminate disorders are rarely a sign of serious illness.

If you are struggling with concerns about illness and health, it is wise to share this with someone and get some thoughts and concerns straightened out. It is often helpful to share your thoughts with someone. Explore the mind. Are they true? Are they useful? You can seek help from health nurse, at the Health Station for young people or at the doctor.

When someone you know has health anxiety

Many who are deeply concerned experience little understanding and support. A misconception among many is that people with health anxiety want attention, but this is often not the case. Health anxiety often means that you are less focused and have some negative reactions, and many may feel more insecure and alone. It is good to encourage those who are struggling to seek help for their concerns.

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